Laura Wheeler

B. Health Science (Naturopathy)
Adv.Dip Herbal Medicine
Adv. Dip Nutrition
Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage
Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Reiki Level 2
Touch for Health – Kinesiology
Active Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association


Laura Wheeler is passionate about creating hopeful and positive ways improve health and wellbeing.  Living a full life as a mother, practitioner and teacher she understands the importance of looking after all aspects of her wellbeing and the challenges that can come with this.

“Great health is not about reaching an idealised balance that is constant.  It is continually moving, changing with our stages of life, circumstances and illness.  We are meant to move, develop, grow and change. Nurturing my body by eating well, using natural medicines massage and practising yoga provides me with a solid platform to launch from with energy, or rest down upon when restoration is needed.  I can then navigate the changes of life, family and this world with grace in a connected and meaningful way.”


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