Pre & Post Natal Care

Pre & Post Natal Care
Pre & Post Natal Care

Optimal preconception health and fertility management.

Prepare your body and understand its cycles for healthy conception. Identifying any areas in life or in your health that could benefit from cleansing to clear the way and make space for new life.  Getting the body, mind and heart all on the same page.

Pregnancy Support

Dietary plans to ensure your nutrient needs are being met.  Especially important if you have dietary restrictions or existing health conditions.  Providing effective and safe medicines and practical alternatives for treating conditions such as anxiety and depression, morning sickness, cramps, heartburn, digestive complaints and insomnia.

Pregnancy Massage

Treating women throughout the stages of pregnancy.  Addressing the structure, optimal positioning, physical pain and tension in the body. Providing a relaxing and nurturing time to connect with your baby, letting go of stress and to prepare you for labour.  Induction Massage also available for full term pregnancies.

Birth preparation to aid and support labor.

Physical and emotional support during and throughout the transition into parenthood.  Natural induction treatments available (if appropriate and at full term).

Postnatal support for you into the first years of your child’s life.

Treating recovery post labor, post caesarian, breastfeeding complications such as mastitis, low milk supply.  Practical, nutritional and herbal support for stress, tiredness, anxiety and postnatal depression.

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